Friday, November 5, 2010

What do I love about Spencer?

Yesterday I answered the question, "What do you love about your child?" for the Special Needs blog hop. I decided that Spencer deserves to have a post about him as well.

What do I love best about Spencer? Again there's so much, his enthusiasm, his sweetness; however, I have to say his sense of humor and ability to be funny without meaning to are my favorite things. I figure I need to revisit an earlier blog post from May for a good scenario.
  • Spencer: "Frisbees are bad guys you need to hit with a bat or they'll eat your eyeballs and you become a frisbee."
  • Me: "You mean zombies?"
  • Spencer: "Oh, you're right, zombies." 
First of all, I'm thinking he might be a goner in a zombie apocalypse and second he still gets Frisbees and zombies confused.

Spencer also creates his own words. He's a modern day Shakespeare. His newest word is "binachios" (hard "c" sound) defined as crazy.
  • That coaster was totally binachios.
  • He was acting all binachios.
  • What? That's binachios.
 Spencer is constantly on. He loves to entertain. Now, some of you might think it's because he doesn't get attention because of Xander's special needs. You'd be wrong. Spencer actually gets MORE attention because he demands it more and he gets more alone time with me than Xander.

11/6/10 CORRECTION: Per Spencer, the word is not "binachios", it's "binanchios". I made the mistake of leaving out the second 'n'. Spencer has properly chastised me for such a horrific omission.

12/3/10 Update: Spencer has designed a zombie trap, so I think he'll be ok.


  1. He sounds hilarious! I'll bet that "binachios" shows up on in a couple of days as the hip new word.

  2. So....I saw your post on FB to come and read your blog. You said, "Don't be a binancios...." I felt like a total dumbass for not knowing what the word meant I went and Googled it before coming here. No wonder I couldn't find it. BUT....Lynn is probably right. It probably WILL become the new, hip word! :) Miss you and your crazy family.

  3. Sharon, all I have to say is AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Love you, babe.

  4. @Lynn - If by hilarious you mean prone to constant fits of obnoxiousism, you're right. He's lucky he keeps me laughing so often.

  5. LOL too funny. Love the correction. I do love the moments Dakota doesn't even think it just comes out. Thanks for joining in the Special Needs Blog Hop.

  6. Too funny. That's what I love most about my son too, his humor. I have dedicated a page on my blog, called Funny Bones, just for Austin's sense of humor.
    I can't wait to see how "binanchios" progresses.