Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dealing w/Stress: Special Needs Blog Hop

How do I deal with stress? Good question, probably better asked of my husband. I knit, cook, watch TV, surf the web, do whatever I can to escape just for a little while. Between family and friends, I'm extremely lucky to have a support system that offers me relief if I really need it. I basically throw the boys at Andy when he comes home from work. That man never catches a break.

My favorite time of the day is 8:30 PM. The boys are in bed and Andy and I can relax on the sofa with our feet up and a glass of wine or cup of herbal tea. The time of day I dread the most? 6:45 am. That's when the damned annoying alarm tells me to get up and start all over again.

I don't know that I really answered the question. Let's just say I relieve stress with friends, family and the occasional glass of wine.

For those of you in the Tidewater area, the 2nd Annual Tidewater Autism Summit is this Saturday from 11am to 4pm. It's absolutely free and open to the public. Here's a link to the flyer with all the information:


  1. I too look forward to bedtime as it is quiet. Actually sometimes if I am lucky in the morning I can get sometime before the kids wake up. Thanks for joining in the blog hop.

  2. Hi from the Special Needs Blog Hop. I'm with you. When both of the kids are in bed for the night, and it's just my husband and me, that's the part of the day I love. My dreaded part is after school and getting homework done.

  3. Hi, visiting from the SN bloghop. I love when the children go to bed too, finally some quiet 'grown up' time:) Jen

  4. Hopping by from the SN Blog Hop!

    I forgot to say knitting on mine! That's a good one.

    Your "about me" made me laugh out loud- that's a good way to get rid of some stress, too!!

  5. I too look forward to bedtime. I've found that when I start having days where I truly dread wake up time, that's when I'm stressed the most and I need to find a way to get , even if only a little one.