Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello? Snow.

Xander in the SnowReally I have nothing of great value to discuss. I figure I can use this blog to organize my often chaotic thoughts on whatever.

Snow, snow, snow. This is the first big snow in Hampton Roads in over 20 yrs. I love living near the beach; however, I wish we would get one nice snow a year. There's something magical about the softness and lightness. Spencer and Xander absolutely love it.


  1. I love how we all seem to have begun our blogs so tentatively, working up to the thousands of posts! I hope you've enjoyed blogging and look forward to reading more --

  2. have chaotic thoughts too? and snow! Snap..same here, on both counts!

    Nice, short first post :-)

    Visiting via Jen's Blog Gems.

    xx Jazzy

  3. Organize your often chaotic thoughts on whatever?

    You and I have WAY too much in common. Also: I'm judging you, too.

  4. Face it, Jill, you just want to be me. Everybody does. pffff...aaaaaahahahahahahahaha! I almost said that with a straight face but I just couldn't maintain it.

  5. I laughed out loud at your first line, yeah right!! Having read some of your recent stuff I would have to disagree, nicely of course. Can I judge you too, I will be harsh, I promise :D Thanks for joining in blog gems. Jen

  6. Yay! Judge away. The more harsh the better.